Hair Extensions – Joseph Mourad Now Coming to Melbourne

Ever dreamt of long luscious hair on your wedding day?

Now it is possible, and Australia’s most sought after hair extension specialist Joseph Mourad will visit Melbourne to ensure you can have the highest quality hair extensions available in Australia..

It is now easier than ever to achieve long, flowing locks without spending hours at the salon. Sydney hair stylist Joseph Mourad from Joseph Mourad Hair and Beauty in Sydney’s Double Bay uses a hair extension method that produces flat, smooth extensions indistinguishable from the client’s natural hair. The cold-fusion system uses ultrasonic waves to loosen the keratin bonds and connects it with your own hair.

Joseph’s unique hair extension technique has attracted the media and as a result has had many magazine write-ups about this unique technique.

hair extensions coming to Melbourne

Hair Extensions: Traditional Methods

Traditional methods use clips, glue or heat to attach the extensions. These older methods can also be quite damaging to the client’s natural hair. If the hair extension process is done properly, there should be no damage to the client’s natural hair. In fact, often the extensions not only give the clients longer hair but give them added volume/thickness and better quality hair as well.

Ultrasonic hair extensions

Many of my clients visit top salons all over the world – in Beverley Hills, Paris and London. And they say many of the hair stylists there don’t realise they are working with hair extensions until they look really closely because the bonding is so seamless.’ You will be able to style your hair any way you desire without any one knowing it’s not your real hair. Even the finest up styles will be undetectable because the bonding is almost invisible.

Mourad, who has a reputation as an expert in hair extensions, uses only the finest quality hair for the extension process. It is imported from Italy and taken from the finest hair around the world. The hair used for extensions is graded and uses A-grade quality, which means it actually sits better than natural hair.’

Ultrasonic hair extensions last from three months up to twelve months and grow out naturally, but are also easily removable.

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