Blonde is a hair colour that requires specialist treatment…..we have perfected the art of ensuring your blonde hair looks like you were meant to be blonde.

Some of the reasons we are the best choice when you want to go blonde.

We make sure your you get the right tone.
Some people say that you can only go one or two tones lighter than your own natural colour. We believe that the truth of the matter is that it doesn’t matter how blonde you go as long as you get the right tone to suit your skin. You’ll have people believing you were born blonde!

Highlights should look sun-induced as opposed to fake.
Highlights are meant to do just that: highlight, so your hair shines, has dimension, and makes your facial features and skin color pop. They’re also supposed to look like they were caused by the sun, so when you over-highlight your entire head or go too light, not only will they look fake as soon as you step out of the salon, but also the lines of demarcation near your roots as the highlighted pieces grow out will be more severe. We can give you the right balance of highlights throughout your hair so it grows in softer.  We can offer both balayage and foils depending on the look you are after.

No to tiger stripes.
If having prominent highlights is what you want,we can use what’s called a veining technique, which mixes up thicknesses and makes highlights thinner toward the root and thicker by the ends to create a clear highlighting effect that still looks natural-looking.

Make sure you treat your hair on your hairline differently to the rest of your hair.
The hairs along your hairline are finer than the rest of your strands, so they tend to absorb hair color quicker and can look darker. We can choose a hair color that’s about one shade lighter for the face-framing pieces, and match your natural color as best as possible for the all-over shade.

Avoid flat looking hair
Applying one shade of blonde all over your head every time you dye it can cause your hair color to look flat. It could even alter the ends of your hair to a darker shade, since they’re so porous and absorb color quickly. The darkest part of your hair is supposed to be in the back, since the sun usually bleaches out and lightens your hairline, which naturally leaves the hair toward your crown darker. Make sure your blonde hair has dimension to it.

You don’t need to dye your hair from roots to end every time you colour it.
If you have regrowth, you’re only supposed to coat the roots with color, diffusing it slightly into the rest of your hair about about an inch or so past the regrowth. The ends of hair will become not only super light but also more damaged, which will cause tips to look dull and fade faster than the rest of your hair.

Say no to orange.
When trying to go from super dark to really light, it’s necessary to choose a professional hair colourist. That’s because box color isn’t able to fully lift dark pigment out of strands. We know the exact amount of peroxide needed (and how long to leave it on for) to get your natural hue past the orange phase. Try doing this yourself at home or with an inexperienced colourist and you could end up snapping your hair.

Once your hair is dyed we may need to use a toner to get just the right hue.

Use a product that will save your hair from being damaged.

We have hair protecting products that can be applied at the same time as your hair dye so you can avoid damage to your hair while you colour it. It’s the reason Kim Kardashian’s colourist was able to dye her hair the stunning platinum colour and still have her walk away with salon healthy hair.

We know the right colours to blend
Not all shades are color-matched and certain colors, when blended together, can make an undesirable color . We understand the color wheel  an know what colours will work best together.