Hair Extensions

Joseph Mourad is known as the “king of hair extensions” boasting an a list clientele from around the globe. With a myriad of techniques under his belt including tape and microbeads, his preferred method is to use individual strands of real human hair infused with tiny keratin bonds that can be joined to your existing hair using cold fusion technology. Joseph has come up with his own unique way of applying this technology so he can offer long luscious natural looking locks without damage to even the finest of hair quality and short lengths. In fact his technique is so revolutionary he can apply hair extensions to hair as short as two centremetres. He has been featured on television for his ability to transform the hair even from clients who are recovering from cancer treatment.

Hair Extension Expert

Joseph is able to achieve the impossible and make his clients hair dreams become a reality. It’s no wonder clients travel across the planet to have Joseph thicken and lengthen their hair. Just because you were not genetically blessed with amazing hair is no longer a reason you can’t have it! And if you think celebrities were all born with such incredible hair, think again.
Here’s a list of just some of the stars that have had the same hair extensions:
  • Jennifer Anniston
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Whitney Houston
  • Julia Roberts
  • Elle McPherson
  • Angelina Jolie
It’s the reason celebrities such as Madonna and Britney Spears can have short hair one day and long the next.  It’s simply no longer necessary to go through the painstaking and sometimes ugly process of growing hair because let’s face it why would you when our hair extensions look completely natural and you can go from short hair to long or thin to thick all in a matter of hours.
Joseph is very particular in the hair extensions he uses and only chooses quality human hair from India and Russia.  It can be matched to your existing hair colour or you can choose any colour you want. It can be attached to any kind of hair and any length longer than 2cm. Unless you choose the tape option our extensions are attached using individual strands.

How we achieve such natural looking hair

The way it works is that each strand has about 20 hairs in it. They are attached to the natural hair, very close to each other so they look totally natural. It’s done by an ultrasonic vibration machine. A synthetic keratin, which is like the keratin found in hair acts as glue. The ultrasound softens the keratin and it grips onto the natural hair and blends into it so it looks like its part of it.
A full head can take from 100 to 300 strands depending on the required thickness. The process of attaching the extensions can take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours.
The first question that springs to mind is: Does it damage the natural hair? With our technique the answer is no.  It doesn’t create any damage to your natural hair. In fact, it keeps the natural hair in its original condition. There is no special care, just how you would care for your natural hair; you wash, condition, comb and blow-dry it. If you are rough on your natural hair you will damage it and the same rules apply with extensions.
Extensions will last between 6 months and a year and eventually will fall out or can be removed. They are removed using surgical spirit, which is available from the chemist. This isn’t a harsh chemical and wont damage the hair.
Once the extensions have been attached you can treat them as normal. They can be combed, blow-dried, you can go swimming, and you can even have them coloured and cut if desired.

Reasons our clients choose our hair extensions.

Long hair will take three to four years to grow and until then can look pretty awful, with that “growing out” look. Hair extensions are a perfect way of disguising this, while continuing to grow your natural hair. Also, many people who don’t necessarily want long hair but want thick hair seek hair extensions. Then of course some people just want a new look and they want it now!
If you are seeking hair extensions Joseph recommends you visit someone experienced because if the extensions aren’t attached properly a lot can fall out after two or three months. Also, the bonding can be thick and bulky which can be annoying when combing or sleeping. If it’s not done properly it can put strain on the natural hair and can tangle easily.
For good results it’s vital to start with good quality extensions.  You want hair that’s not over treated, brittle and limp. We only use the best quality shiny healthy non dyed hair in our salon.
Whether you want to just change your look, thicken your hair or help disguise your “grow out” stage, hair extensions could be the answer. Within hours you will see your head of hair transform into long, luscious and thick locks that look and feel just like your natural hair and make you feel like a movie star.

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